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engineering_0OpSys Project Consulting is offering a Virtual Engineering Network, selecting the best engineers and partners in optical design, opto-mechanical engineering and prototype manufacturing to meet the individual requirements and demands of customers. Prime target is to create design and product solutions that are outstanding in performance and quality and that might help our customers to achieve a leading market position within their market segments.

One major intention of OpSys Project Consulting is to broaden awareness of the DLP technology (DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments Inc., USA). Implementation in industrial applications is made possible by providing development partners that already have a high level of expertise and knowledge on this technologie and that are flexible to face its challenges in new applications. Close communication with Texas Instruments and a partnership with one of the leading electronics engineering and integration companies with direct access to DLP products and a long history of development activities around the DLP technology enable OpSys Project Consulting to offer unique services around this fascinating micro display technology.

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