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home_1Alfred Jacobsen - Senior Consultant

After graduating with a degree in Physics (diploma thesis at Schott Glaswerke, Mainz), Alfred Jacobsen started his business career at Docter Optics GmbH, a company that is well known for its manufacturing capabilities of moulded aspheric glass components. He started as an engineer in the R+D department in 1991 and when joining the management of Docter Optics GmbH in 1996, he was Business Unit Manager for BU Projection (Digital Projection, Lighting Applications) and member of the board of Docter Optics Inc., USA, heading the international marketing and sales activities of the company.
In 2001 Alfred Jacobsen joined the start-up company In-Vision GmbH & Co. KG in Guntramsdorf/Austria as Director Marketing and Sales to develop and grow the competitive position of In-Vision in the international markets. Starting from a good basis of European customers, special focus was given to achieve a strong position in North America and Far East. During 2004 Alfred Jacobsen decided to offer his knowledge as an independent consultant and founded OpSys Project Consulting in the summer of 2004.

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