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   Digital Film Printer
   Sound Recording Optics

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   on DLP Applications

   Projection Module for
   Augmented Reality Telescope

   Projection Lens
   for Rear Projection Engine

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   Application Studies

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projects_0The range of products using optical subsystems or components is almost unlimited and even when looking at systems with micro display devices there is a vast number of existing and potential applications, including

  • Digital projectors and volumetric displays;
  • Photofinishing and printer systems;
  • Stereo and Photo lithography applications;
  • Diffractive and telecom applications;
  • Products in biotech and microscopy;
  • Medical and spectroscopic applications, etc.

Identification of new opportunities is an ongoing process - challenge OpSys Project Consulting and the Virtual Engineering Network with your application idea!!

Please view some of the projects run with OpSys Project Consulting’s national and international customers and partners.

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